About us

Bolding & Bruggeman ApS (until autumn 2014 Bolding & Burchard ApS) was established by Hans Burchard and Karsten Bolding in Varese, Italy 1999.

BB is a research and development company specializing in numerical models for lakes and oceans. BB has been instrumental in the development of GOTM and GETM in close collaboration with especially [Hans Burchard][1]‘s group at [IOW][2]. BB is the driving force in the development of FABM initially developed in an EU funded research project.

Hans Burchard and Karsten Bolding were equal partners until 2014, when Jorn Bruggeman replaced Hans Burchard. Jorn had already been working for BB since 2006, leading the development of FABM, the graphical user interface to GOTM (GOTM-GUI), and PyNcView.