EditScenario is a python 2 and 3 script used to generate and manipulate Fortran namelists - based on XML formatted configuration file.

EditScenario can be operated in both a scriptable and GUI(*) based way.

EditScenario requires a schema definition for the Fortran namelists to generate as well as a file with actual settings for a specific configuration. The use of XML as configuration language allows for a much richer experince compared to Fortran namelists including – in addition to variable values – human readable descriptions and variable units.

It is available frompypi as a wheel-file and can be installed like this:

pip install editscenario <--user>

<–user> if for per user installation - if omitted installation will be for all users.

Additional dependencies will be installed as well.

After installation the following can be used a a guide for use:

editscenario -h

EditScenario comes with a close cousin - nml2xml converts an namelist-based to a XML-based one so that editscenario can be used.

nml2xml -h

(*) Full support for the GUI functionality has been sacrifized for now - might still work with Python2 but will NOT work with Python3. In addition there are issues with Intels Python distribution and PyQt.