A lightweight YAML parser written in object-oriented Fortran

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Hi, my name is kb.

This is a project which I wrote. This file will provide the documents. I'm writing the body of the text here. It contains an overall description of the project. It might explain how to go about installing/compiling it. It might provide a change-log for the code. linalg Maybe it will talk about the history and/or motivation for this software.


You can have as many paragraphs as you like here and can use headlines, links, images, etc. Basically, you can use anything in Markdown and Markdown-Extra. Furthermore, you can insert LaTeX into your documentation. So, for example, you can provide inline math using like or math on its own line like or You can even use LaTeX environments! So you can get numbered equations like this: So let your imagination run wild. As you can tell, I'm more or less just filling in space now. This will be the last sentence.

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Jorn Bruggeman